You Have A Story To Tell

story1I love stories. So naturally, I subscribe to Facebook pages and blogs that talk about Story. And these people come up with the most amazing story props you can imagine. No kidding, I’m tempted at least once a day to buy some new storytelling gadget, subscribe to some storytelling subscription service, listen to some new audio CD. And I have to say, 90% of these products are not only beautiful, but powerful, too. They do help you to tell stories.

But the truth is that you don’t need any of them. Your kids don’t either. The most powerful stories are not the flashy ones, the engine powered ones, the surround-sound puppet ones.

The best stories for your kids and your family are YOUR stories. About how you made that cake and put salt in instead of sugar. About how you are pretty sure you saw a fairy once in the flower pot. About that one vacation to the dude ranch. About the space in the back of your kids’ closet that if somebody doesn’t clean it soon will turn into an obstacle course for spiders.

Those are the stories that stick. Those are the stories that make a difference. Those are the stories that get passed on.

And on the flipside, not everything needs to be passed on. It’s about living in the moment. Yes, you’ll want to scrapbook some. But mostly, just enjoy them.  Some things are just for fun. Some things get you started. And sometimes, they help you find your own stories.

So no matter how you tell your stories… enjoy the ride!


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