Writing Valentiny Stories

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’m participating in Susanna Hill’s lovely “Valentiny” story contest. For more entries, hop over to Susanna’s blog and read them all.

Special Delivery

Every year, Pepper and Mom exchange Valentine’s cards. And they have an extra lovely breakfast to celebrate.

This year, Pepper wants to do something special.

She makes many cards.

She makes them extra fancy.

Pepper hands two cards to the mailman.

She gives the rest to her friends.

Pepper wonders when her cards will arrive.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.

And there’s no mail on Sunday.

On Monday, Grandpa calls. He’s ecstatic. He got Pepper’s mail.

Pepper is happy.

And she’s also worried.

Mom shakes her head. “Why are you so jumpy?”

She puts up all the cards Pepper got from her friends.

Pepper sighs loudly.

Mom wrinkles her forehead. “Aren’t you excited?”

But Mom looks troubled, too.

Pepper doesn’t sleep well.

On Valentine’s Day morning, Pepper has no card for Mom. And Mom has no card for Pepper.

It’s a very quiet breakfast.

Until the mailman arrives.

And he delivers Pepper’s card for Mom.

And he also brings Mom’s card for Pepper.

What a special way to get them.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


22 thoughts on “Writing Valentiny Stories

  1. Vivian Kirkfield

    I love that they mailed the cards even though they could have just handed them to each other…they wanted it to be special. I can remember when I was a kid…and we needed to save a stamp and also didn’t have money to buy a card, we’d make them, put them in an envelope, draw a stamp in the corner…and then wait till the mailman put the letters in the box. Then we’d slip ours in with the rest of the mail, so it would be delivered, just like the REAL mail. ;) Well done with the story…I loved it!


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