Parenting Temptations

moveWe’re moving. 

And it’s exciting. It’s stressful. It’s a lot of feelings at once.

And it challenges my parenting. Big time.

The first worry – always – is that if I have so many feelings flooding through me, how bad does it have to be for my kids? How are they holding up? What does it REALLY look like inside their little heads?

And here’s the problem.

I know what I should offer them and how I should respond to them. Warmth, closeness, simplicity.

But the temptations look so different:


Shouldn’t I constantly offer them something entertaining? Shouldn’t I make sure they don’t have time to really see what’s going on with all the boxes stacking up in our house?


We don’t do screens with our children, unless we are on a long, long road trip and they get to play with our phone for a little bit here and there. But right now, it sure feels like we’re on a trip… Shouldn’t I let them?


Comfort food gives comfort, right? Isn’t that what they need in times of discomfort?


Maybe I should just let some house rules slide a little… Give them a break, right?


Well, why not let them pick something from the gift store?

 I’d say 95% of the time I catch myself just in time to realize what I’m about to do and that I would really be doing everybody a huge disservice. Because what my kids need more than anything in times of change, is predictability.

Our regular routine. Our regular food. Our regular rules.

Everything beyond that creates more confusion and destroys the simplicity we worked so hard to create.

But I do give in to one thing. REALLY LOUD SINGING in the car is allowed when you have to follow a moving truck…


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