Thoughts on/in Cursive

My daughter is working hard on her handwriting. And so I told her that with the progress she’s making, we should be able to start cursive soon. Whoa! Her eyes got big. Her hands a little jittery. Really? Yup, really. Cursive, as you probably already figured, is a big deal for her. Some kind of […]


Happy Grumpy Valentine’s Day (+ a Story)

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend. Here’s a little Valentine’s story for you and your little ones to enjoy. Spread the love! Grumpy Valentine ©Franziska Macur 2016  Beaver was looking very grouchy. Skunk came by, “Hey, grumpy face.” Beaver scowled, “Hey, stinky face.” Skunk raised his eyebrow, “What happened to […]