Finally Here

I’m so happy to introduce to you my new book. It is something I wanted to write for a long time and I still can’t believe that it is finally here.
Don’t you just love the cover? I’m so happy I got to work with such a talented artist. Go Meghan!
Cover Illustration
What is this book about?
It’s about Charlie. Oh, you will love Charlie – I just know it. Charlie, a little boy who wishes he could just skip the whole waiting part before Christmas and jump right into the presents. But Charlie doesn’t realize what he would be missing or just how many magical moments the season has waiting for him.


And, yes, you are right. The donkey on the cover is not by mistake. But you need to read the book to find out more about Noel – yep, that’s the donkey.
Since we are officially opening our very own bookstore today, we have a little treat in stock…
Right now, we are putting the final touches on the audio version of Charlie & Noel. It’s going to be so much fun! We are expecting to release that on November 1st.
Sooo, the first ten customers who buy the book today, will get a free audiobook in their mailbox as soon as it is released. How awesome is this? (Yes, you are eligible for this if you buy the kindle version, too. Just email me at Franziska(at)homenaturally(dot)org after you purchase your kindle story and you’ll get on my top ten list 

Let the Pre-Advent season begin!

P.S. Want to share your favorite Advent story on this blog? Email me at Franziska(at)homenaturally(dot)org


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