Who is your favorite Story Character, Sieglinde de Francesca?

sigi recentI’m so happy to welcome Sieglinde De Francesca to my blog today. I was always too intimated to try my talents in drawing and painting until I found Sigi’s beautiful course on drawing with block crayons. She made me feel like an artist in no time and even taught me how to teach it to my children. Welcome, Sigi!


1.       Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hello friends, Sigi here.

For almost 40 years as an artist and teacher, consultant and mentor, storyteller and puppeteer, I have always sought to awaken a sense of wonderment through my work.

I feel blessed to have attended a Waldorf School. That and the support of a family of artists directed me to my path.  After a decade in theater production I became a Waldorf teacher, teaching Kindergarten and the Early Grades. I even started and ran a preschool in Italy for a few years. At the same time I taught I was a parent of young children, not an easy feat. Back in the States I eventually transitioned from classroom teaching to being a Homeschool teacher for many years, teaching both children and parents.  That work spurred me to write. The ideas keep coming. Please go to my website to see the education and story books available.

2.       Who is your favorite fictional Character & What do you love most about them?

As a life time collector of fairy tales, it’s hard to choose one character I favor. But hard put, I would have to say it is the Green Man. Though a character of ancient legend who symbolizes the regenerating cycle of life, I see him more as a St. Francis-like figure who teaches us his love and caring for nature, flora and fauna alike.

3.       How have they affected your life?

I first came across the book, The Green Man, by Gail Haley, years ago. It inspired me to write a class play in verse. Some lovely songs arose out of that and it soon became a charming musical that I have had numerous classes perform.

There is an endless cycle in the tale where life and the seasons return again and again.  Students, who so many years ago delighted in acting the roles of the animals, the seasons, the peasants and the Green Man himself, to this day remember the story and pass it on to their own children.

4.       How do they currently inspire you?

As it is so easy these days to lose touch with nature, I feel it is important to have wonderful stories to reconnect us. Stories that remind us how precious it is, remind us to love all creatures and to walk gently when we are outdoors.


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