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Thoughts on/in Cursive


My daughter is working hard on her handwriting. And so I told her that with the progress she’s making, we should be able to start cursive soon.


Her eyes got big. Her hands a little jittery.


Yup, really.

Cursive, as you probably already figured, is a big deal for her. Some kind of rite of passage for growing up.

I believe that we pick our own rites. What’s important to one, might not be important to another. However, writing cursive as a stepping stone for growing up makes perfect sense to me.

  • Little kids don’t write cursive. So when you do, you officially enter the older group. And because there are only two groups, you’re pretty much grown up.
  • You become an artist. Cursive is flowing, and beautiful, and – without a question, artistic.
  • You get to use ink. In Germany, and in our family, starting cursive means starting to use a fountain pen. So all the sudden, a new medium is at your disposal.
  • You can read notes and texts that were impossible to decipher before. All the sudden, you can dive in historical texts.
  • You get to truly be able to become pen pals with your grandparents or other folks who use cursive in their letters.

Needless to say, the elimination of cursive in more and more schools makes me sad. And worried. (You can read more here: )

But even if it’s no longer a mandatory subject, it will always remain an artform. A meditation of some sort. And, for some, a rite of passage.