Candlemas and Swimming Candles

Swimming candlesIn Germany, the story goes as follows:

Beautiful flowers – Snow drops or Candlemas Bells – were brought to Europe in the 15th century. They were planted for Candlemas, which is celebrated on February 2. Even during the cold of winter, this brave little flower has enough strengths to push it way through the snow and act as an indication that  spring is near. Today, they are frequently found near creeks and in monastery gardens.

Since these flowers are hard to find around here, we use candles to signify the triumph of light over darkness.

So how better to illustrate this story and start this week with some homemade candles! Even better, nature candles that can swim – how cool is that?

What you need

  • Walnut shells or Bur oaks (those are the largest acorns – nuts work a little better though)
  • Wick (here’s an easy tutorial to do it yourself)
  • Leftover wax, preferably beeswax
  • An old can

candles 5candles 4candles 3

  • Bend a pouring snout into the can
  • Fill the wax in the can and place in a pot with hot/ boiling water
  • Line up all the shells and cupules on a baking rack
  • Find a volunteer to hold the wick while you poor in the hot wax
  • Let cool


Place candles in a bowl with water, light, and enjoy your own festival of light.

candles 2


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