Book Promotion and Give-away

250x250BookWe have left Halloween behind us. We can move full speed towards Advent.
To get ready, “Charlie & Noel” will be on sale today for the special price of 99¢. No kidding.

You can head over to Amazon here and buy it for your kindle.
Or, you can head over to my little store here and buy it as a PDF.
The price is good for today only.
Don’t wait.

And after you buy the book, come back here and be part of this awesome Give-away.
nativity giveaway
This seven piece nativity was hand chiseled with a machete out of stone, wet sanded, painted and then incised with different geometric patterns. The Kenyans who made these beautiful pieces were payed well, treated with respect and have an ongoing market for their good work through Fair Trade. Thank you, Connected, for being part of our Give-away!
Lucia Candle - IMG_2809
Anglaspel Rotary Candle Holders are a fun Scandinavian tradition at Christmas time. These miniature spinners are a great conversation piece and look fantastic. What a fun decoration to have especially for Lucia day! Thank you, Hemslojd, for being part of our Give-away!
knitted Noel


This hand-knitted Noel must be the best companion for the story of Charlie & Noel. What could be cuter?



How to enter?
Leave a comment with a short Advent or Christmas memory.
Share today’s deal on Facebook, twitter, and/or Pinterest. Come back, leave another comment “Shared it”, ad be entered again.
Bought the book (today or previously)? Leave another comment “bought it” and be entered twice.
That’s right, you can be entered 4 times total. And don’t forget to tell us in your first comment which of our give-aways would serve your family the best. The give-away closes tonight at midnight (11/4). The give-away is closed.
Good luck!


28 thoughts on “Book Promotion and Give-away

  1. Dana @Momsieblog

    My favorite Christmas memory that has instilled a tradition in our family is very simple: just the reading of Jesus’ birth to us on Christmas Eve. We would then get to open one gift, but the reading of His story helped “recalibrate” us a bit… helped us remember just exactly WHOSE birthday it was, after all!

  2. Amy Kay Pavlovich

    One year when I was an Associate Minister Christmas fell on a Sunday. We wondered what we should do on Sunday morning after having two big services the night before… Some churches in our town actually canceled worship, but that seemed wrong to us. In the end we combined our services to have one at 10am. There were 75-100 people who actually came and we had the best of times. Our Sr. Minister preached from the middle of the Chancel and at one point asked us for our favorite Christmas memories. People of all ages responded and I still remember what a few of them shared… it was such a wonderful hour in worship on Christmas morning. I loved it. ;)

  3. Christy

    Growing up, every Christmas morning, my Grandpa would gather us around to read us the Christmas story from Luke. It was such a wonderful time to get and stay focused in the midst of the “joy of presents.”

  4. Cindy Baldwin

    My favorite Christmas memory/tradition was Christmas at my grandparents house. The tradition was that before we opened presents, one of the grandchildren would read the Christmas story from Luke. Each year it cycled to the next oldest grandchild until it was time to go back to the oldest. After my grandparents died, my parents took up the tradition with my children, nieces and nephews taking their turn to read the story. And now that I’m the grandma, we are doing it for our family celebration. My children are reading the story at the moment as the oldest grandchild is only 6, but it is a cherished memory that keeps us centered on the meaning of the season. Can’t wait until my grandsons will be reading the story for us.

  5. Shannon

    My favorite advent memory is one we have now. We go and cut down a Christmas tree with Joel’s brother and his family (which now includes 4 kids between the 2 families). We go to a tree farm that is run by a coworker and it’s the best experience. It’s just a bunch of families who went in on some land by Black Earth and they just grow trees. Nothing else. It’s one big party around a campfire for the first few weekends in December complete with hot apple cider (with whiskey for the grown ups), cheese, local meats, smores fixins and wreath making. It’s so fun that when we walk up they greet us by name and give hugs. It’s really fun!

  6. trace taylor

    When we were kids, I loved two things about advent. 1. My mom had a mint green with red yarn decoration we used to count down the days. I believe she still has it, and although no ritual surrounded it per se, it definitely pointed toward the anticipation. 2. Our family family regularly participated in our congregation’s candle lighting ceremony. I was always nervous and honored because it held such prestige at least in my mind at the time. But it was nice to honor His coming in that way.

  7. Elizabeth Anne B.

    Shared it!

    My memories of Christmas are less activities than sensory memories. the smell of scotch tape, for example, always makes me think of lights and the Christmas tree; the taste of the candy my mother and I used to make together, or my father’s favorite Christmas cookies.

  8. amytruhe

    We’d love the nativity!
    My favorite advent memory is when I was little, six maybe?, I “got” to sing from the balcony in the church, accompanied by the huge pipe organ. My voice was small and, I think, clear. It was daunting and exhilarating for me as a young girl. The church was decorated beautifully and it was an evening service. I felt so little and yet my voice seemed powerful. I thought God was working through me that night. :) and I got to have cookies and punch afterwards!

  9. Laura Riffel

    When I was a little girl, my mother made paper mache’ wise men and they came out every year on the first of December. My mother would open the huge family Bible (the one with all the weddings, deaths, and births recorded in it to her favorite Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. The pages of our Bible are gold and the wise men sparkled. I remember fondly thinking about how sparkly Christmas was- not because of gifts or family visiting – I think it was more the memory of renewing the Christmas Story that made the season so sparkly for us. My mom would read the story to us at night before we went to bed. I used to write letters to God once I was old enough to write. I put them on the front porch with a rock to weigh them down and every morning the letter would be gone- so I just knew God was coming and getting my letters every night.

  10. Laura Riffel

    I forgot to say which item I would like. I would love to have the hand knitted Noel- Donkeys were so important at the beginning and the end of Jesus’ life. When I was teaching Sunday school, we brought a Castilian Donkey in to let the children see the cross shape on the donkey’s back. I know every time the children see a donkey in a field, they will think of Jesus. :)

  11. Rachel @ a mother far from home

    My mom always had a piece of candy, a poem or a nice small trinket like a ring or small toy! It hung on my door and I can still see it from my bed in memory :)

  12. Madelynn Macur Brousil

    Bought it. Shared it.
    We have always honored Advent in our home. We don’t put up our Christmas tree until the 3rd or 4th Sunday of Advent. Until then, we have special Advent calendar with 24 small books that tell the Christmas story day-by-day. When our children were younger, we would read the books to them and they would position the figures from our creche in certain places around our living and dining rooms to simulate where they were in the story until Christmas morning when all would be arranged in the stable. As the girls got older, they would take turns reading the books and moving the figures. We had to remember from year to year who had the odd numbered days and who had the even numbered ones because they would switch off in order to take turns reading the last and biggest little book about the birth of Baby Jesus.
    After our house fire, even though the girls were in their teens, they were so happy and excited when I found the same Advent calendar of books which we bought and have once more. When they come home for Christmas break, we have a catch-up night of reading the stories to that point and then pick up the tradition each night after that.

  13. Jaime Elseth

    I have fond memories of going to Christmas Eve service together with my family. We would come home after, open one present, and then watch Christmas movies into the wee hours of Christmas morning! On Christmas morning, we wound have brunch together and take 3 plus hours to open presents! Rest of the day would spend relaxing, playing games, and being together.


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