Back to Storytelling (and 4 Ways to Start Them)

start a storyHappy new year everyone! I hope you are filled with energy and joy to start the New Year!

 As for me, one of the resolutions I have set is to bring this blog back to more content regarding stories and storytelling. Here’s to good intentions ;)

I had gotten a few questions on how to best start stories when you are new to tale telling. Here’s a list with some of the endless possibilities:

  1. Tell a story from your childhood. Your kids will love it, I promise. And, as a plus, you’ll strengthen their sense of family. Try to pick memories that relate to the season and don’t worry about how big the event was – according to you. Simple stories are lovely.
    1. When I was your age, grandpa took me sledding…
    2. Every winter, grandma and I would make this special bread. But one year…
  2. Tell a story about the object physically closest to you. Kids love the idea that common things have a story to tell.
    1. One sunny day, the guitar decided to go for a walk…
    2. Once a year, all the kitchen brushes have a party in the sink…
  3. Expand on their favorite story. If you feel a little uneasy telling stories, you can use a favorite picture book character and send him or her on a new journey. That way, the stage is already set up for you.
    1. You know that little gnome in your book. Did you know that he not only liked to plant but also to hike?
    2. What would you think if Fancy Nancy would go on vacation and her suitcase with all her frilly clothes got lost?
  4. Just ask your children. What would you like to hear a story about? That way, they might even help you create the tale.
    1. A whale? Okay. What do you think the whale should do?
    2. You want a story about spaghetti? What sauce should we put on them? Maybe they don’t like it and are on a quest to get rid of it?

  Happy storytelling!!!


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