50 Precious Words

When I was in College, I had a professor who gave the most bizarre page requirements for assignments. 17 pages for this. 3 1/2 for the next. Surely, we thought, there would be some leeway, right? But there wasn’t. The professor said that no matter what we were writing, we should be able to do it at any length. It was simply a matter of putting your points in order of importance.

I thought about this when Vivian Kirkfield asked writers to participate in her #50preciouswords challenge. It is probably the best exercise out there. To see all the fun entries, go to www.viviankirkfield.com and enjoy.


And here are my 42 words…


Traveling in Style

Time to leave! What should I pack?

Crown or hard hat?

Tutu or apron?

Wand or hammer?

Necklace or tool belt?

Unicorn or hamster?

Carriage or skateboard?

Well, carriage of course. That way I can pack everything. Everything a real princess needs.


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