Wonder Without Googling

Four color rainbowMy daughter was coloring a rainbow in a coloring book. “There are not enough lines, mom.” She called over, trying to squeeze in all seven colors into only four possible coloring slots. “Do rainbows with only four colors exist?” She looked at me with big eyes. And then her eyes got even bigger. “Let’s research that.”

I had to suppress a grin and shook my head instead. This was very clever, indeed. She knew that “research” is big in this household.

“Let’s try this.”

“Let’s see.”

“Let’s go and test it.”

“Let’s do some research.”

Those are probably some super common responses she gets from me and her dad every day. So research is huge here and she knew she would score some points by phrasing it this way.

Some of these little research studies are done at the computer. I have a simple question. I google it. I wonder about a certain phenomenon, I google it. I want to know how much it rains here. I put out a container to measure. I want to know how a butterfly develops. We build a terrarium and put a caterpillar in it. … so chances are not too shabby that we might turn on the computer… especially since there is no “live” rainbow out there.


Background: If you are knew to this blog, thanks for stopping by!. Our children have very limited screen time. We don’t completely forbid it but keep it to around 10 minutes a day.


So here she was hoping for some more time at the computer. And while I wasn’t against it, per se, I thought it would take the wonder out of the rainbow.

“Let’s wonder without googling,” I said. “Let’s see how many different ways we can color a four-color rainbow.”

And we did. And it was quite wonder-full.

(Later I did google it. There are no rainbows with only four colors… besides on our wall)