Who is Your Favorite Story Character, Rachel Norman?

Rachel headshotI’m so excited to welcome Rachel from A Mother far from Home on the blog today. Rachel and I met through blogging and I’m so glad to have her in my life. She even published her first eBook (Lies That Make You Pay & Truths That Set You Free: A Mother’s Guide to the Simple and Frugal Life) recently and invited me graciously to contribute a chapter. How exciting.

Today, Rachel is continuing our series on favorite story characters…

1.       Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name’s Rachel and I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up with my mom in rural Florida with farmers in my family, church on Sundays, and swimming or going to the beach every day that it was warm.

Now I live with my Australian husband in Sydney with our three children (3 years old and under) and we are learning how to balance faith, life with our angels and getting things done at home.

2.       Who is your favorite fictional Character?

One of my grandmothers favorite films was Gone With the Wind. When I was young, probably elementary age, she let me watch 15 minutes a day of the movie until I was hooked. Later, I read Gone With the Wind and it’s one of my favorite books. Oh, and I even had the collector dolls :)

Scarlett O’Hara is most definitely my favorite. Interestingly enough, I don’t consider myself like her at all. I’m not vain about appearances nor am I familiar with the feeling of being admired by hoardes of men, however I have long been inspired and impressed by her gumption.

3.       What do you love most about them?

Scarlett was tough, strong, and saw obstacles as opportunities. When I read about her or watched her I felt as though she was someone you could follow in a crisis. Looking back with adult eyes, I can see that I admired her tenacity.

Of course there are things about her I wouldn’t care to emulate and I’m not saying she’s a moral paragon, however, she stood out to me as a woman who was willing to work hard for what she wanted even in the midst of opposition.

4.       How have they affected your life?

My grandmother knew I’d love Gone With the Wind, but she also knew I wouldn’t sit still for two full tapes. She showed me just enough each day to keep me coming back and I was hooked. When my friends came over they wanted to watch the Little Mermaid and I was like “What? The Little Mermaid instead of Gone With the Wind?

As a child and then teenager, I think the book and the movie gave me an appreciation for hard times. Scarlett goes from the belle of the ball to someone who can barely feed her family. There are quotes from the movie that I still say to this day. When I’m pregnant I like to quote Scarlett’s young maid who said “Babies, I don’t know nothing bout birthin babies…”

5.       How do they currently inspire you?

Even now as I think of Gone With the Wind it makes me a tad homesick with the accents and talk of the South and farming. I also believe in some ways I’ve become a strong woman who doesn’t cower in a crisis. I’ve not yet made a dress out of my curtains, but hey, there’s still time :)



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