Finding Your Creative Outlet – Part 1

127For as long as I can remember, I have loved handmade items – well, the beautiful ones, that is. And so probably since my early teenager years, I wanted to design and sew clothes and create beautiful fabric items. Yep, I even dreamed of becoming a fashion designer for a while.

The problem however, was, that I didn’t enjoy sewing. I never had lessons but I thought that I had seen enough by watching my mom on her sewing machine to pull off something cute. And every so often, I did! And it was fabulous, I have to say. However, there were two major problems:

  1. I didn’t enjoy the process too much, only the final product.
  2. The final products (generally) didn’t knock anybody off their socks, least of all myself.

Those two points are major problems when you are trying to find your creative outlet, don’t you think?

Here I was, enjoying the idea of a process but in reality the process wasn’t fun. And the output was nice but not in any way earthshattering that it would make it worth suffering through the actual effort of making it.

(I’m not saying that the products of your creative journey have to be prize worthy – not at all. However, sometimes we actually do produce very good outcomes without enjoying the process. And sometimes, this is enough motivation to stick with it for a little longer. If the creative outlet is purely thought of as a hobby, than even the most awesome products don’t need to pressure you into sticking with producing them.)

So after I finished my younger daughter’s birth quilt, I slowly but surely stopped my fabric work. Not completely (you’ll still find me at my sewing table once in a while), but mostly. There was no pain involved in letting it go, just a little in realizing what I should have known much earlier…

This was never meant to be my creative outlet.

It feels actually good to say that out loud.

Sometimes finding our creative outlet is by way of a process of elimination…


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